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  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

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Table of contents:



    1. Why do I have to subscribe? Why should I pay to read the news?

      ANSA asks readers for their support in order to be able to maintain a certified, reliable, and high-quality information service. Professional journalism faces high costs in its aim to guarantee the high standards that readers expect; this is why we ask our readers for a small fee, essential for our work at the Agency. The subscription is only requested from readers who read more than 20 articles over 30 consecutive days, while the portal’s homepage and the homepage of the channels and single sections of the website can always be accessed for free.

    2. How many articles can I read for free/without a subscription?

      You may read up to 20 articles over 30 days for free, i.e., without a subscription. The portal’s homepage and the homepage of the channels and single sections of the website can always be accessed for free.

    3. How do I know when I’ve reached my 20-free-articles over 30 days mark?

      A pop-up will let you know when you’ve reached your limit of free-access contents on, inviting you to subscribe. Once the 30 days are over, however, a new 30-days period with 20 free articles will start, and so on. But we hope to see you soon among our subscribers!

    4. Why does the website ask me to register?

      Registration is necessary to receive the free newsletter and to be able to subscribe.

    5. What does the subscription offer?

      The subscription gives you free access to contents on the Portal from PC, Tablet and Smartphone; with it you may also sign-up to any of the newsletters compiled by the newsroom.

    6. What kind of subscriptions do you offer?

      You can see the different kind of subscriptions on the Offer Page.  ANSA may also reward you with customised offers reserved for selected users; in this case you will receive a message with the relevant instructions.

    7. How do I subscribe?

      In order to subscribe you must choose the formula that best suits your needs, as explained on the page If you have not registered, you must first create your account.

    8. How do I create an account?

      In order to create an account please register on The account consists of an email address and a password. With this same account you can access the website from all devices: PC, Tablet and Smartphone (iOS, Android).

    9. How and for what will my data be processed?

      The Personal Data ANSA acquires will be processed according to the Privacy Policy, which you can read at the following address and according to the consent you granted upon registration.

    10. How can I renew my subscription?

      Subscriptions are automatically renewed upon expiry. You may unsubscribe at any time.

    11. How can I withdraw from my subscription?

      You may withdraw from your subscription within 14 days from purchase, and you will be refunded the amount spent.
      For further information please read the General and Conditions of Service.

    12. How can I unsubscribe?

      After the first 14 days (during which you may withdraw), you can unsubscribe at any time simply by following the instructions set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Service. In short, within the day before contract expiry and relative automatic renewal you may access the personal area in your account and “tick” the “Disable automatic renewal” option; the subscription will cease at the end of the period for which you paid. Up until then you will be able to access all news freely.


    1. Can I change the data I supplied during registration?

      When you access your profile page you can modify the password and the data you entered. You cannot change the information regarding name, surname and email. If you wish to change your email you have to logout of your profile and create a new one, with new info.

    2. Can I change the privacy consents that I selected when registering?

      Yes. In order to change the consents for data processing given during registration you just have to enter your profile page and make the relevant changes.

    3. Can I change my password?

      Yes, you may change your password by accessing your profile page and following the relevant instructions.

    4. I’ve lost my password; how can I recover it?

      To recover your password, click on “Login” and then on the “I forgot my password” link, and follow the instructions.

    5. Can I cancel my profile?

      Yes, you may cancel your profile by sending an email to  specifying the object of your request and the email needed to identify you. You will receive an email confirmation to said address. Once the cancellation procedure has been completed it will no longer be possible to access the contents reserved to the community.

    6. How can I cancel my Newsletter service and so cease receiving these emails?

      To revoke the Newsletter subscription please click on “Unsubscribe” on the newsletter receipt and follow the instructions.


    1. May I request an invoice for my subscription?

      Yes, you may request an invoice. You must, however, do so at the time of underwriting the subscription, since it will no longer be possible afterwards. Please double-check your info, because to make any changes to invoicing data you must first cancel your subscription and then request a new one.

    2. What can I do if I cannot finish my purchase of a subscription with my credit card?

      We suggest you check with your payment provider if you have been approved for web purchases; if you should still have problems, please get in touch asking for help at

    3. How can I pay?

      You can buy a subscription with either Credit Card of Paypal. At the moment we accept CartaSi, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, which are anyhow shown on the subscription form.

    4. If I have a promotional code, how can I use it to obtain the relevant discounts?

      On the payment page you will see the field “PROMOTIONAL CODE”. Please insert the code and the final price will include the relevant discount.


    1. How can I get in touch with customer service?

      To contact our Customer Service please send an email to or call free number 800 938 881. Customer Service is active from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.30, Saturdays from 09.00 to 14.00.

    2. How can I get my problem to be examined quicker?

      When you describe your problem please include as much detail as possible. It is particularly important for you to let us know:
      – Which Operative System you are using.
      – Which browser or app version you are using
      – What kind of internet connection you are using (private, company, protected).
      It would also be useful to know which steps you went through and, if possible, a print screen showing the problem.

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